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syntax: wheelkick

The basic kicking forms involve the primary leg being parallel to the ground.
The motion can be circular in the case of the wheel kicks and sweepkicks, or 
direct as with the side kick. The art of kicking requires years of study.  As
you progress in your studies, new techniques will become available to you.

The most basic kick assassins will learn is the wheel kick.  Once this is 
mastered, the sweep kick can then be attempted.  This brutal kick to the
outside thigh of the victim is especially punishing when continued throughout
the fight.  The final kick in this series is the side kick.  Using a short
hop for momentum, the leg is cocked across the body like a tensed spring
before being released as the hop brings the assassin into range.

To practice these at your guild, you must enter the full name of the kick
you want to learn, surrounded by quotes -- e.g.:  practice "sweep kick"