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There exists a circle of magi and priests who have struck a pact with forces
not of Thera. Calling themselves The Scions of the Eternal Night, they have
gathered a cadre of black-hearted souls to their side with promises of power,
conjuring forth beings of silent shadow as a foreshadowing of the legions to
come. They are not an army, and care little for the traditional definitions of
political power, preferring instead to traffic in the currencies of knowledge,
prophecies, and lore. To a Scion, the word "forbidden" holds no meaning, for
they realize that their stab for power will require any and all methods at
hand. Masters of manipulation, cunning scholars of the ancient, they are said
to lurk in every shadow, keepers of secrets most would dread to read. 

They foretell of prophecies of doom and destruction at the hand of the beings
they gather to their sides. The Prophecy of the Eternal Night itself speaks to
a time when the gates to the realm they bargain with are thrown open. To hold
the key to the portals is to hold power, power to harness what will come, for
the beings they bring forth are said to be but the beginning of much more. For
at the last sunset, the weak will be torn asunder, and the Scions seek to reign
over a realm where nothing stands against their desires. They are well aware of
the dangers of such dealings, and are ever wary of being treated as servants-
they are all too aware that servants are expendable, but worthy allies are only
betrayed by madmen. However, those among them that stumble are said to endure
the harshest of punishments, as the others turn upon the weak with fury

The Scions have been known to seek mutual alliance with the members of the
guilds of priests and magi, assuming they have proven competency to their
guildmasters, and hold at least the eleventh rank. Priests must hold the favor
of their chosen faith. They scoff at any but the most evil, for they know the
coming times will demand foul deeds which must be done without hesitance or
doubt, and only few of other guilds endure the trials required to be among
them. Those who seek to be among the Scions must seek the most learned, the
High Chancellor or his Advisor. 

Power:                Level:
Despoil               20
Nightfist             20
Divination            20
Nightwalker           28
Beckon Druktrar       32
Volley                35
Sight of the Damned   40
Forsaken Portal       43

**Disclaimer: Scion is difficult to get into, has limited max membership,**
** and is demanding. Do not expect to get in if you aren't regularly on  **
**             or if you have any alternate characters.                  **