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There are some who believe that the notion of evil is something that is
born of choice, not blood.  It is believed by these few that the soul can
always be redeemed.  Although it will be easier for some than others, the
path of eternal peace can be achieved by any who are willing to embark
upon it.

Devouts of Avderlain believe that all beings should be shown mercy if they
aspire to a goodly, peaceful life.  With an unbiased eye, these men and
women view the actions of another and not just the coloration of their
auras.  It is due to this holistic approach in dealing with Therans that
they can truly judge their intentions, and better prepare them for the
potential obstacles that await along the road of redemption.

Despite the passive nature found in the majority of his followers, there
are times when they will have their hand forced to defend themselves or
their beliefs.  It is in these situations where the followers are truly
tested, and only the greatest of them are able to hold true to their ideals
of mercy and stay their hand instead of pursuing the fatal strike.  The
notion of a grudge or ill-will is also foreign to the followers of
Avderlain and they will often come to the aid of the very man who tried to
strike them down but moments prior.

Seek the favor of the All-Seeing in the pure heart of an otherwise
corrupted grove.  His powers lie within the spheres of Mercy, Judgment, and
Peace.  Shaman may receive blessings from the paths of Archon's Choir,
Seraph's Wing, and Life's Champion.