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A vow.  A precious, lifelong promise.  What is the most important thing to 
you, mortal?  How will you fight for it?  How will you preserve it?  A single 
vow.  The essence of your being.  Divulge it to her, and her radiance will 
shine upon you.  Fail to uphold your vow, and you have failed her.

She asks three things of her followers, regardless of their personal vow.  The 
three tenets of her faith are vows of their own: Judgment, Justice, and Mercy.  
Her holy texts describe these vows in greater detail.

In worshiping her, you will be asked to walk a narrow pathway.  She will not 
shy from passing judgment.  She will not hesitate to mete out justice.  Nor 
should you.  Always remember, though, that you are her vessel for spreading 
and maintaining the light.  Be merciful when it is called for.  Be always a 
beacon so that others may follow you into the light.

Her temple can be found atop a mountain where the snow reflects the light 
brilliantly.  The guardian watches her broken stairs near the edge of a river 
of tears.

Shaman paths:  Vengeance, Archon's Choir, Divine Anger, Life's Champion,