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Syntax: conviction

This skill of the azure-touched manifests their hatred of tainted things in two

As an automatic skill, it helps them bypass the deflection of evil armor worn by
their opponents, as well as attack opponents wearing evil armor more fervently.
It also helps them make more effective use of armor and weapons bearing an aura
of goodness.

An azure-touched can also attempt to actively work themselves into a righteous
fury over an opponent who is tainted by evil or wearing armor so tainted.  If
successful, the azure-touched will unleash an exhausting barrage of attacks upon
their opponent.  These attacks individually lack the full force the
azure-touched is able to bring to bear in melee, but can have special lasting
effects depending on the type of damage they are dealing.  Unleashing their
conviction in this way has the side effect of temporarily diminishing the
azure-touched's vulnerability to unholy damage slightly.

Active use of conviction is more effective for characters with a stronger
martial background, in good morale, and with high wisdom.  It is most effective
on opponents who are evil, who are clad in a significant amount of evil armor,
or both.