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Those who follow Destuvius believe that society is an ordered construct, in
which each soul can find a place of security and purpose. Whether donning an
emperor's crown, an overseer's mantle, or a slave's brand, each ward of the
Divine Asylum takes a reasoned pride and pleasure in serving his or her 
purpose, knowing it to be part of the grand design of order.

Destuvians high and low are all sophisticates. Destuvian leaders and erudites
pride themselves in being exalted scholars on the subject of civilization. 
They tend to be refined and stand on strict ceremony, and criticize breaches 
of protocol and etiquette with uncompromising (and sometimes lethal) severity.

Even Destuvians of lower social station and caste carry an air of 
sophistication. Destuvian artisans take zealous pride in their work, Destuvian
soldiers are rarely seen with an unpolished boot or a dull blade, and 
Destuvian servants and slaves are the most valued in the world, as they 
require no physical shackles and as they obey their masters as a matter of 
religious obligation, and are usually self-punishing in cases of failure.

All Destuvians believe in the Twin Honors - Dominion and Obedience. Every
Destuvian possesses a responsibility to dominate the inferior and to obey the
superior as part of the Grand Order. Even a Destuvian Emperor bends knee to
the Gods and is a mere slave to Destuvius Himself. Even Destuvian slaves on
occasion must exert their authority over lesser slaves, and are expected to 
do so, but are taught to express gratitude and joy that they are secure under
the Dominion of others with little responsibility of their own.

Outside the influence of Order are the chaotic and the criminal. These are 
held in the worst contempt by Destuvians regardless of rank or caste. 
Destuvians speak of them as if they are animals and filth, and even a 
Destuvian slave, normally charged with behaving exquisitely civilized, is 
permitted to deface, assault, or murder the chaotic with unfettered rage and 

The Holy Overseer represents the spheres of Order, Protection, and Reason.
He can be found overlooking the ruins of a once great citadel, a reminder of
the consequence should the grand design be neglected.

Shamans who follow Destuvius can draw power from the paths of Breaker,
Divine Anger, Hell's Pact, Pain, War, or Vengeance.