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EINOH (3648)

Evil can be found almost everywhere in this world, from the tyranny of an
emperor, the actions of a juvenile thief, even in the hearts of the otherwise

It must be destroyed.

Followers of Einoh are interested in the complete destruction of evil wherever
it may be found.  But being truly good is not as simple as simply striking out
against evil people.  Those who adhere to true goodness aim to remove evil
in all of its forms, even the small evils that can be found in their own
thoughts, hearts, and actions.

Not necessarily violent, though sometimes very, those who walk Einoh's path
to goodness do so along a narrow path that puts them on the forefront of the
struggle against evil.  This is viewed as a burden that must be carried so
that others need not sully themselves with the darkness.  It is not something
to glorify, but to carry with humility and sometimes even shame.

Only those who live their lives with an intense concern over what is right
and wrong should seek Einoh out, as the path to true goodness is one filled
with countless questions and lengthy contemplation.  Those who are unable
to restrict themselves from evil actions, or who prefer convenience over
what is right are not welcome among his followers.

Einoh stands over spheres that represent the concerns of righteous Therans:
- Those who use Reason to reach what is right and true, no matter how clouded
  the path is, no matter the cost of doing what is good.
- Those who aim to remove evil, or mend its consequences, through Healing
  others or Thera, be it by kindness or violence.
- Those of Revelations, who are able to discern between right and wrong by
  divination, faith, or intuition and refuse to let even small evils hide.

Shaman who worship him can find the paths of Seraph's Wing, The Archon's Choir,
Life's Champion, Revelation, and Divine Anger available to them.

Those willing to brave a lifelong fight against evil can search for
Einoh's path near a meadow, far to the north.