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In a time when mortal knowledge has given birth to mortal laws, there are
those that still hold dear the laws of nature. These laws are ancient, and
govern all life, regardless of the desires of those that live. Over the ages
mortals have developed a love for preserving longevity and safety, be it
through the safety of cities and false laws, through subjugation of others
for personal gain, and even in the name of the greater good. Followers of Lord
Ergush recognize these actions as an affront to nature, and a desecration of
the natural law.

Those that follow Lord Ergush spend their time interpreting the laws of
nature and how to spread that understanding through Thera. They listen for
the voices of nature, be it in the crack of a thunderbolt, the rumble of an
earthquake, or the calm of a warm summer's breeze, and strive to become a
speaker of the wilds. One who interprets the will of nature itself.

Lord Ergush's followers, much like the Lord himself, are vibrant and full of
life, however they are no strangers to combat or anger. Often times they
are viewed as bullies, savages, or brutes by those that cling to the safety
of mortal constructs, but their intent is much more focused. They do not revel
in death and destruction, but see it as necessity to maintain natural order.
Ergush holds sway over the spheres of Spirit, Pride, and Storms. He grants the
powers of Desolation, Venoms, Revelation, Life's Champion, and Divine Anger to
shamans who follow his teachings. Those that seek to spread civilization and
the laws of mortals, Necromancers for their direct contradiction to the
natural law, and Conjurers for their enslavement of unnatural creatures will
find only the unbridled anger of the storms directed at them, for those ideals
directly contradict everything that Ergush holds dear. Paladins will find
strict scrutiny, but those that prove worthy will find favor with him.

Those who seek to protect the process of life by any means are welcomed to 
pray to Ergush, and can find his shrine near an untouched forest.