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While some seek vast horizons and general experience, others tend to be more
eccentric and instead focus all their efforts and time on achieving a single
goal.  Defining themselves with singular purpose, they master a craft or 
trade and ignore everything that is not a means to that end.  These driven
individuals are welcomed by the Witch of the Eternal Library.  Her 
followers, like her, are interested in only their particular area of study - 
be it botany, combat, law, or otherwise.

While her favorites tend to be those of an orderly ethos, neutral souls can
prove themselves capable of the dedication necessary for the faith.  Those 
of chaos, on the other hand, tend to be creatures of whim and are unable to
properly concentrate on a singular goal, and thus are forbidden from the 

Valuing those who preserve the safety necessary for genius and focused
expertise to thrive, she values the protections that civilization and cities
offer.  Cities, just like her library, have rules that are accepted from the
moment of entry, and she has little patience or interest in those who shy 
away from these rules.

Her followers tend to be eccentric and driven, with a specific topic they 
seek to master, and often come across cold or uninterested when faced with
unrelated engagements.  They are expected to study and reach mastery of 
their interest, exploring it from all possible angles, with the final 
achievement being a written piece that can be added to the Eternal Library.

The interests of her followers may differ, and their conflicting goals can
result in clashes.  Regardless of disagreements, they are all expected to
pursue their goals without hesitation and aim to contribute their gained
knowledge to the world via a manuscript.

Ishuli holds sway over the spheres of Dedication, Knowledge, and Purity.
Shamans who follow her can find the paths of Revelation, Archon's Choir,
Hell's Pact, Proclamation, Vengeance, and Venoms open to them.

Those seeking the library will find it through a Monastery in the mountains,
surrounded by fog near an enormous tree.