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JOIHE 'CADRE' (3683)

Those with an adventurous spirit and a yearning for something greater than 
their existence will be drawn to Joihe the Adventurer. She is a patron of 
exploration, new experiences, experimental magics, and cunning capers. Her 
faithful crave the unknown, driven to learn new skills, spells, and talents. 
They look at challenges and mysteries as puzzles to solve. The thrill of 
adrenaline and the spark of inspiration go hand in hand. Across the planes,
in realms both dreamed of and found, Joihe and her crew have a reputation 
for breaking rules, pushing boundaries, and stealing the most guarded
treasures of legend, simply for the challenge. They are known to use magic 
as a catalyst to open doors. Like her and her cadre, Joihe expects her 
faithful to think outside of the traditional, conventional box that magic
is usually placed in.

Joihe is balanced by nature; not all new adventures are success stories 
and not all experiences are guaranteed a happy ending yet the endeavor is
always worthwhile. Whether the attempt goes sideways or not, Joihe is 
fascinated by the story of how the adventure was found, why it was sought, 
and what happened throughout. What you gained and what you lost is the real 
treasure of the adventure.

Any alignment can come before Joihe, as long as they bring a sense of 
adventure, a need to push past conventional boundaries, and a desire for 
camaraderie. You can find her sacred bonfire crackling beneath the stars, 
but only those willing to take a leap of faith will find her home.