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Mortals have long stood in awe of the power of the Storms, and even the Gods
themselves have sought to wield it.  What few realize is that it is not a
force to be tamed and controlled, but instead the result of more basic, 
primal energies.  Though mostly unknown until the spread of the more brutish 
races, the savage god Jormyr exists among these powers.

Bounded by the primary elements, the Para-Elements are often maligned as
lesser forces than their pure counterparts.  By their very nature, they are
instead everything and more.  Consisting of parts of each adjoining element,
the constant strife and conflict within creates vastly greater energy than
the homogenous elements surrounding them.  Seeking release, this power is
most often seen in the mortal realm through the vast storms which traverse
the world, leaving destruction in their wake.

With little concern from his actions, Jormyr wields his power capriciously,
often seeking merely to relish in the results of what occurs.  Though he can
be appeased through worship, his moods may change on a whim.  Followers who
would seek his favor must understand the eternal strife which exists in the
world and thrive in it.  They frequently find themselves as agents of change
within their environment as they make way for new and different.  While
Jormyr accepts worship from all supplicants, he is a savage, chaotic God who
places little value upon mortal life.  Those seeking to follow him with 
vastly different morality may ultimately find themselves forced to make a 
choice between their deity and their ethics.

Wielding the powers of the Para-Elements, Destruction, and War, the shrine 
of Jormyr can be found along the edges of an unending blizzard.

His shamans are often gifted with knowledge of the paths of Desolation,
Pain, Demonspawn, and the Breaker.