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The Church of Virtuous Vices, also known as the Vitiatic Faith, centers itself
around the worship of vices and sins in all of their forms.  Zealously immoral,
members of the church are extremely dogmatic, constantly preaching their faith
to the masses while aiming to convert (or kill) those around them.
Followers of Morius and his church aim to bring every possible Theran into the
fold of the church, and go to great lengths to do so.  Always boisterous and
sometimes charismatic, the faithful never miss an opportunity to provide words
of wisdom and the offer of blessings to those in need, often to the needy's
While they all actively preach the word of their lord, the most blessed of the
church aim to fully embody whatever vice they find closest to their heart.  As
a walking manifestation of sin upon Thera, they hope to inspire similar vices
in those around them.  Those who manage this level of devotion are titled and
recognized by the church, often becoming canonized within the church as a
While all are welcome to join the church, its philosophy tends to deter anyone
with moral values.  The most successful are those born under one of the
chosen signs of Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Pride, Rage, Vanity, or Sloth.  Those
born under less fortunate signs fit only as members of the church, never
canonized leaders.
Shamans following Morius can find the paths of Pain, Demonspawn, Hell's Pact,
Divine Anger, and Breaker available to them.
While the church has many tenets, the most well-known religious text is as
  Blessed are those who follow these commandments.
   I. Sin. Indulge.
   II. Every soul shines with potential. Seek to convert all you can.
   III. Those who are not open to conversion may be welcomed into the church as
   bones to be added to its foundation.
Rumors state that members of the faith are most often seen entering and exiting
Galadon's graveyard, leading the gullible and desperate on the path to become
a Morite, Vitiate, Morian, or whatever they might call themselves.