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War is a constant in life. Conflicts brew when disagreement occurs, when goals
contrast, or when limited resources are wanted by more than one party. These
are often solved by word, combat, trade, and everything in between, often to the
detriment of some and the benefit of others. While some find themselves lost in
these moments, true students of warfare know that each battle is just one of an
ongoing war. They know that wars are made of countless skirmishes, whether
victories or losses, and that what matters more than any battle is that the war
itself is won, even at the cost of their own life.
Panmorne holds this aspect to be an essential quality in those who aim to be
victorious. Those who worship him know that their enemy will deploy any number
of tactics to win, and that they must aim to foil each. They deploy numerous
strategies of their own, be it deception or honesty, all with the mindset that
it brings them a step closer to ending whatever war they find themselves a part
of. Neither madmen nor rampaging marauders, Panmorne expects his followers to
employ strategy in their war of choice, but those strategies should never
be at the cost of the principles and standards they hold to. As such, he does
not entertain teaching orcs or any others too short-sighted to properly wage a
war. There is a vast difference between someone who uses strength and someone
who is limited to it.

Despite his focus on war, Panmorne does not revel in it. War, as many things
are, is a means to an end. It is not something to be engaged in for its own

War, Victory, and Combat are Panmorne's domain, and proper shamans can find
themselves imbued with the paths of Desolation, Vengeance, Divine Anger,
Seraph's Wing, or Demonspawn.

Those seeking Panmorne should know he enjoys overlooking the ocean from fertile
fields while continuing his war-plans, gardening, or training.