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The moon moves us, moves our ocean's tides, moves our very blood, moves across
the sky in cycles. So we are born, we grow, we dim and die, and we return to
her to release our ghosts and burdens so that we can move onward into the next
cycle. Priests and priestesses of Rarywey are wise to the cyclical nature of
things. This allows them insight into that which is to come. Many of her
followers are prone to visions, madness, or melancholy. They are often
superstitious, and they pay heed to the whisperings of the spirit world, for
its undercurrent carries all things, and will someday wash their mortal lives
away. Their spiritual vessels are carried upon the world's waterways, and they
seek insight from the running of rivers and the currents deep in the seas. It
is important for her followers to recognize how they apply their old lessons
to the experiences of the now.

Those who look through the spyglass are inquisitive, ardent folk. Always,
their mantra is: I am glad to live. They are driven to ensure others can
truthfully say the same. Rarywey followers may be prone to losing themselves
in emotion and tend to release these burdens poetically. The night is
brightest when the moon is full.

Still, there is a hungry ghost in every one of us, and it thrives upon our
anger, sorrow, and isolation. It holds us captive and seals all the doors and
windows until we succumb, withered, to death. Rarywey's faithful know death is
how their souls are cleansed. Her faith teaches that all souls must be renewed
before they can be reborn. As their desire to be involved in these cycles is
strong, some of her followers are purveyors of death themselves, but they
should do their culling without ego or expectation of glory.

Those who walk an orderly path will find great difficulty embracing Rarywey's
ideology, and those who would kill for the sake of killing need not come
before the goddess at all.  Otherwise, all are welcome to worship the goddess,
but those whose guilds toy with the natural processes of death or the soul,
such as necromancers or anti-paladins, will never truly find her favor.

Shamans blessed by Rarywey may receive her boons in the paths of Revelation,
Desolation, Pain, Anarchy, Pestilence, and Proclamation.

Rarywey's faithful may find her watery sanctuary beyond the glen in her
people's city.