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RILLAN (3702)

Rillan's followers know that the current system of laws and civilization is in
place to keep the powerful protected, and that it has room for improvement.  
The power structure is a delicate balance between oppressing the working class
and giving them the illusion of opportunity.  They understand that the wealth
and power gap needs to be sustained to maintain order, and the perfect system
is yet to be achieved.

In order to maintain their position of power, Rillan's followers know there
must be policy in place.  His followers are the designers and forefathers of
power systems and legacies.  They create the institutions that, like ageless
mountains, remain eternally steadfast.  These blessed few must institute
ideals, rituals, and traditions that their subjects wholeheartedly embrace for
their glory, and ultimately His.  They are mortal guardians of the powerful
and elite, belonging to that class themselves, they create laws and constructs
to serve them better.

The splitting maul He wields is a symbol associated with the working class.
Ironically, the maul is also the weapon the masses wield when they revolt
against the establishment.  The maul thus serves as a warning that oppression 
has a limit, which, if exceeded, unleashes a flood of chaos and disorder.

Rillan favors the elite and educated.  However, the rare, low-born genius who
manages to crawl out of the dirt using only their own cunning may be granted
entry into His elite circle at the top of the mountain.  Thus, Rillan
followers should always have the appearance and reputation of being 
functioning and contributing members of society while maintaining their own

Only the most charismatic of followers will find they are able to maintain 
the level of oppression and still maintain a blindly loyal following to be
welcome among His inner circle.  Those of the light who attempt to join his 
circle will find themselves unable to follow both Rillan and their moral 

Being true creators and guardians of civilization and order, the followers of
Rillan are no strangers to challenge.  To prove their strength necessary to
shape the world, His chosen will take on burdens as heavy as the earth itself.
They are influenced by the spheres of Strength, Earth, and Vanity.

Shamans who follow Rillan are offered the paths of Venoms, Hell's Pact,
Vengeance, Breaker, Pain or Proclamation.