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ROTWANG (3564)

It is said that the Orcs were fashioned in the shadow of the Elves, born too
late for a birthright, forced to eat whatever scraps the Elves would leave
behind. Their diminutive cousins, the Goblins, faced the same fate. Through the
Ages, the rage and frustration of the Orcs and Goblins manifested in the pits of
darkness as a conscious overmind, the true spirit of forsaken races of the
swamps and caves and mountains. Finally emerging from the pits to lead his
homeless children into battle, taking back what should have been theirs,
crushing faeriekind and their weak brethren, the behemoth known as Rotwang stirs
up the covetousness and envy in hearts worthy to serve at his throne.

Orcs or Goblins (of neutral or evil alignment) with the spheres of Rage, Envy,
and Covetousness may bear the mark of Rotwang.