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Through all cultures, races, and societies, the people of Thera
seek to rise in station through various paths. Some seek to be
virtuous, some seek to use hard work, and still others look for
handouts. They frustrate themselves with foolhardy world views and
deny themselves what they ultimately seek. There is another way, but
many do not possess the will, or stomach, to do it.

Skreenak BloodMaw empowers those that are willing to do whatever
they can to plunder, pillage, and murder for what they want in life.
He knows there is not just one way to get what you want, as he clawed
his own way up from being a whelp to becoming a god. He learned that a
slick tongue or sticky fingers can get the same results with less pain
involved. His followers are encouraged to demand tribute and use any
means necessary to ensure the tribute is paid.

Those who grow tired of the mundane fight for power bring tribute
to Skreenak BloodMaw, his most holy and righteous Goblin King of
Thera. Shamans that seek to embody his wrath can learn the paths of
Venoms, Demonspawn, Anarchy, Pain, and Breaker. Initially worshiped by
goblins, Skreenak has cunningly found his way into the hearts and
souls of most other races, and accepts any non-gnome, or hater of the
light, however those who follow the letter of a law will never be able
to fully reach the potential that Skreenak expects from his most

Those who seek to pay homage to Skreenak will seek out an ancient
treasure room of the dwarves, lost in time under a mountain.