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Carrion Fields, LLC reserves the right to change the content and availability 
of this game or the associated website ( and forums 
( without notice. No content from the aforementioned 
game, website or forum may be reproduced in any form or by any means for any 
purpose, without the express written permission* of Carrion Fields, LLC. 
Specifically including, but not limited to: the game code; area creation 
documents; area files** and their contents; ASCII content (such as the 
greeting screen "skull"); skills, spells, communes, powers, quests, races, 
classes, cabals, mobiles, objects, religions and progs; help files; 
administrator-only content; website images***; other website content and forum 

* Carrion Fields, LLC allows the collecting of game content in the form 
of "logs" from the point of view of any non-administrator character for 
recreational use only. Use of these "logs" is on an "at will" basis, and any 
use of "logs" on non-Carrion Fields forums or websites must be followed by 
crediting: "The CarrionFields MUD - -". This recreational usage of "logs" is subordinate to
the above clause restricting content reproduction, and Carrion Fields, LLC
reserves the right to remove, or request removal, of such logs, collected
data, maps, or any other material for any reason.

** The area content in Carrion Fields is used with permission from their 
respective authors in accordance with their copyrights, and unless otherwise 
noted by the author are for the sole use of Carrion Fields, LLC.  If copyright 
information for any area is not evident, you may request a copy of it by 
sending an email to with the name of the area you are 
seeking information on.

*** Website images branded 'WAS' are copyrighted by Scarabaeus, and are used 
with his express permission.