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In ages past, a mighty Empire existed, bent on civilizing all of Thera by
force.  Consisting of four sects, the Blades, the Divine, the Black, and
the Shadow, its citizens spread across the lands like locusts, attempting
to bring all under their dominion.  Betrayed by the Arcane Sect, and the
dread Lich Valguarnera, the Empire fell into ruins, until all that was left
was an empty palace, and the decaying Imperial lands, a distant memory of a
dream unrealized.

Time passed, and a rumbling was heard throughout Thera.  Once again, the
call went out for new citizens to create an Empire.  Their goals remain the
same... all of Thera will be brought under Imperial control, to promote
order and civilization.  Wary of past alliances that brought about its
previous ruination, the Empire has banished the Arcane Sect forever.  Four
sects remain the heart of the Empire, however.

The Blade Sect consists of warriors and bards.
The Black Sect consists of anti-paladins and necromancers.
The Divine Sect consists of shamans and healers.
The Shadow Sect consists of assassins and thieves.

Admittance to the Empire is available only to those with dark hearts,
orderly ethos and begins with the bloodoath, which can be administered by
any citizen.  Druids and rangers cannot join the Empire due to their
affinity with nature.

There are seven echelons of status in the Empire, from the lowliest,
bloodoath, to the highest, Emperor.  Those of a higher echelon have the
power to promote, or demote those below them, based on their worth as
citizens.  Every citizen within the Empire has pledged their heart, their
soul and their life to the Empire and are bound to follow Imperial Law.