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The Heralds are artists, entertainers, merrymakers, historians, taletellers,
adventurers, and creators who patronize the joint facilities of the Inn of
the Eternal Star and the Celestial Lyceum.  Be they dancers or scholars, 
jesters or thespians, Heralds all possess the common pursuit of embracing that
which feeds the soul and enlightens the mind.

Those seeking to join the Heralds may come from any racial background or moral
creed, but they must all possess an open mind, an inspiring talent, and a
special kind of presence.  To join, start by writing a note to Herald about 
yourself and make sure you pledge to the Inn Guard outside of the Eternal 

The following is a list of those that are mostly seen as unfit to become 
entertainers along with their chances of becoming a Herald.  All listed must 
seek out the Immortal Patrons of the Inn for exceptions:

1)  Paladins, as they are so closely tied to the Code.  Rare.
2)  Any who follow a dark path.  Very rare.
3)  Shamans, as they are priests of war.  Extremely rare and not suggested.
4)  Anti-paladins and necromancers, whose guild practices do not align with
    Heraldic principles.  Extremely unlikely and not suggested.

All, however, are welcome to visit the Inn of the Eternal Star, located east
of the Sumners Crossroads, for good company, relaxation, and appreciation of
the Fine Arts.  Only troublemakers are not welcome.  Guidelines for proper
behavior in the Inn may be found just inside its entrance.

For more information see HELP ARTISTRY