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newbie (by itself toggles the channel on and off)
newbie <message> (this sends your message to the channel)

The newbie channel is encouraged for players from level 1 to 15.

The newbie channel is a place where you can seek help from fellow newbies and
from the immortals of the game.  This channel is not a place to chat or to 
seek groups but a place to ask questions that are relevant to being new to 
mudding or CF.  If you need directions, check your maps first.  You can get 
more maps with the OUTFIT command or buy them at a cartographer.  Please do 
not ask about items or quest information - including when a quest does not 
appear to be working.  When something appears broken, use pray.  (See help 
If you suspect a rules problem (illegal name, spamming, etc.), do not use
the newbie channel to report it.  Instead, use the PRAY command and an
Immortal will handle the matter privately.
Be sure not to use Internet slang like 'u', 'r', and 'thx' on the newbie 
channel. While the channel is out of character, we do expect people to spell
things out. It helps you become accustomed to using language properly while
interacting with others in character. (See help LANGUAGE)
You automatically hear the newbie channel.  If you accidentally turn the
channel off, simply type 'newbie' to turn it on again.  If you wish to ask a
question type 'newbie' followed by your question. (e.g., 'newbie How do I
find out how much I have to level?')  To turn off the channel just type
'newbie' again.
Remember that people asking questions over this channel are often very new
to Carrion Fields.  Please be respectful and patient with fellow players.
If you can't seem to get an answer in the game, you may also look at the forum 
on the web for your answers, or post a new question to be answered by another 
player or immortal.  You can find it at