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All men are created equal, each casting the same shadow of corruption and 
desire; only through embracing that inner darkness, understanding its power, 
and consciously choosing what is Willed over what is feared can one hope to be 
deemed worthy by the Father of Devils, Scarabaeus.

Those of the Ruby Scarab must be born under the Spheres of Purity, Truth, or
Destruction, and spiritual clarity is of utmost importance in carrying out the
work of an Initiate.  Through the ages the Cult of the Ruby Scarab has been
known for its salutation of 'embrace the dark', a ritualized greeting/farewell
that encapsulates the amorality of its disciples.

The shrine of Scarabaeus is built on a high place and those who seek his face 
should do so there.  The temple of the Cult, which houses both those of the 
Ruby and Onyx Scarabs, is not a place for supplicants to make offerings to the 

A more obscure branch of the Cult is dedicated to the aspect of Scarabaeus 
known as Saraba the Great Wild Beast.  Very few priests have been chosen as 
Initiates of the Beast, as this path of spiritual devotion is common only to 
the barbarian cultures of the Outlands.  Saraba, the patron of the Animal 
Cults of the Ma'rin, is worshiped through blood sacrifice and the devotees' 
return to their primitive bestial nature.

The shrine built on the high place is an appropriate site of worship for those 
seeking Saraba, but so is the place where the supplicant offers up the blood 
of a sentient being; for the Beast demands blood from all who call upon his 

N.B.: The Cult of the Great Wild Beast is closed at this time!