Carrion Fields

A Cold Night in Azuremain

It's a cold, rainy night in the desolate streets of Azuremain. Although unpleasant, this is not an entirely bad thing; you are well used to making your way with little light, and the sound of the storm mutes the sound of your near-silent footfalls from your prey.

For two sleepless days you have stalked the dark knight Khaxmorzu. Guilty of countless murders and schooled in a dozen black arts, he has been linked to a dangerous doomsday cult and is wanted dead in every civilized nation. There is, of course, a significant bounty on his head.

Reliable sources confirm that his favorite axe bears a fell and forbidden enchantment; it is a soul-eater, feasting on the very essence of his innocent victims. With every cold-blooded killing, the unholy might of Khaxmorzu grows more unstoppable.

Few have the nerve to face him alone. Fewer still would have the courage to strike him now, as he moves through Azuremain's dilapidated flagstone streets, with a pair of savage orc berserkers as his cohorts. Taking on any one of the three would be a difficult battle.

But you have stealthily studied Khaxmorzu for some time now, employing the special training of the guild of assassins. You have watched him fight, absorbed how he moves. There is a blind spot in his alertness, a flaw in his defenses, one that a student of the shadow arts such as yourself can exploit. You could take advantage of this in a surprise attack, putting an end to his reign of terror in one perfect killing blow. He would be dead and you could vanish back into the rainy night before his cohorts even realized what was happening.

You know from experience that these things don't always go according to plan. If he or one of the orcs spots you before you're in position, or if you erred in your judgement, you'll be dead in a heartbeat. You grip your knife tightly in clammy hands. Do you have the nerve to bet your life, and Khaxmorzu's, on your instincts and training? Only you can decide.

Welcome to Carrion Fields. A world of danger and wonder where the greatest victories come at the the price of real risk, and the names of the courageous live in legend forever. Whether you are hero or villain, beloved or infamous, is all up to you.

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