Carrion Fields

Practice Makes Perfect - by Twist

You rest on a chair in a quiet study, practicing an incantation.

"Flick the wrist, point the finger, utter the words...Aha!"

Ah, excellent, this last bit of research has given you insight into a new spell.

Gathering your cloak and dashing hurriedly out the door, you cannot wait to speak with the Master of the Guild about this new discovery. Surely he's heard of this spell, but it is new to you, and perhaps he will teach you more of it.

In your haste, you fail to notice a small band of rogues and thugs lying in ambush along the road into town. These bandits are known to you, members of the Blackclaw Guild of Thieves. Their leader, Malkholar the Master of Guile, swings a powerful leg out at you, tripping you. You fall face-down, and Malkholar swings a powerful cheap shot at your ribs, stunning you further! Before you know it, the rest are upon you, slashing with knives and striking with club-shaped weaponry.

Reacting as quickly as you can, you retreat and put a slight distance between yourself and the bandits. You utter one of your most trusted cantrips, and you see the fear in the eyes of the thieves. "This is no ordinary traveler," speaks their grim faces as they back away slowly, "this is a magician of no small power."

Even as they back away, your spell takes shape. Where the air had been relatively calm, they suddenly howl fiercely and a mystical vortex springs into being! The few ruffians that continued to approach you are thrown here and there, to and fro by the buffeting winds.

They turn to flee, and as you examine the damage they caused, you see that you have a few nicks and scrapes. You also notice that they tore your cape, and made off with one of your wands!

Now you are posed with a choice - destroy them for their foolishness, or proceed to the guildmaster? What if they have more, reinforcements waiting nearby? The choice is yours.

Welcome to Carrion Fields. Step into a world where Magic is at your beck and call, ebbing and flowing at the ministrations of mortals. Explore dungeons, towers, battlefields, and test your might against your fellow man (or beast). Immerse yourself in a realm of war, intrigue, valor, and magic.

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