Carrion Fields


Lore has it that when the purest of the light die, if their patron God or Goddess does not have an afterlife to welcome them to, the souls go to the Azure Fields. This resting place is a plane of pure goodness and light, the ideal heaven for those who have lived a just life.

Conjurers who summon angels or archons breach the Azure Fields and entreat one of these resting souls to serve again on Thera. One of these conjurers wanted to create a permanent door between Thera and the Azure Fields, one that would bring the light of the heavens to Thera. Her attempts to meddle with magic beyond mortal means consumed her and created an imbalance between the two planes.

These random leaks of celestial energy seep occasionally from the Azure Fields to Thera, where they attach themselves to goodly, young human souls and infuse their host with a powerful, heavenly essence. These hosts are known as the Azure-Touched, and the essence transcends their bodies and souls. Physically they have an internal glow that marks their skin, as though their blood shines with holy light. Their eyes are silver or gold and their hair glows with a celestial essence. Beyond that, their features resemble their human origins.

The Azure-Touched are goodly by nature and will channel either the essence of an archon or angel. Because of that, they are only of orderly or chaotic ethos. If an Azure-Touched soul strays from the light, the consequences are extremely harsh and they can never be forgiven for their betrayal to it.

Due to the nature of their partially angelic existence, Azure-Touched are only drawn to the guilds of the healers, paladins, bards, shaman, and warriors.

Azure-touched know the Conviction and Heavens Warmth skills. They have some natural resistance to holy attacks as well as some vulnerability to unholy attacks. They also can detect evil naturally.

Notable Heroes

Max Stats

Experience Penalty: 300

Azure-Touched may become Healers, Paladins, Bards, Shaman, and Warriors.

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