Carrion Fields

Welcome to Carrion Fields - A Highly Addictive, Completely Free, Multiplayer Game

Carrion Fields is genuinely free. You never enter a credit card, or even make an account. There's no option to upgrade your character by purchasing power ups, or any reason ever to give us money. You don't even have to look at ads, much less pay to get rid of them. We have run on open source software using an all volunteer staff since 1994.

Your skill alone determines your success.


Already a Mudder? Connect via any MUD client to: IP - Port - 4444

No idea what a MUD is?

MUD stands for Multi User Domain. MUDs are the technological predecessor to big open-world games like World of Warcraft, and believe it or not, this retro, text-based, platform still has a major following.

A MUD like Carrion Fields allows you to create a deeper character backstory, experience more meaningful interaction with other players' characters, and enjoy a deeply immersive experience. Playing Carrion Fields feels more like being a character in a fantasy novel than playing a computer game.

But a word of warning!

You might find Carrion Fields *highly* addictive if one or more of the following things is true about you.

Carrion Fields offers:

A Deep and Sophisticated Fantasy World

Try your hand at surviving in a harsh high-fantasy world. Play as anything from a simple human to a cunning goblin to a less-than-intelligent giant.

A Rich Player vs. Environment Experience

Our rich world full of danger and rewards is waiting to be explored. Delve into the dens of monsters, conquer the five-headed dragon Tiamat, or even challenge demons and devils.

A Challenging Player vs. Player System

Or perhaps you'd rather test your mettle against other players. Design a highly customizable warrior, rogue, magician or priest and jump into the fray. You can join a cabal and fight for control of the world, or simply fight others that you manage to find in duels, groups, or far more violent ambushes. The possibilities are limited only by how peaceful (or murderous) you want to be.

Deeply Creative Roleplay

Carrion Fields has enforced roleplaying. Meaning everyone, be they an orc or an elf, must role play their character and be in-character at all times. Escape the mundane world and jump into a fantasy world where there are varying speech styles, backgrounds, guilds, friends, enemies, and everything in between.

Want to Give it a Try?

Head on over to our newbie guide, get yourself a client, and start telling the story of your first character!