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Quick-Start Guide for New Players (Newbies)

Hello and welcome to the Carrion Fields Quick-Start for Newbies guide. The purpose of this guide is to help players that are either new to Carrion Fields, or completely new to MUD games, get a basic understanding of how to get started in the Carrion Fields world.

In this Guide we will discuss:

How to Connect to Carrion FieldsTop

Getting into a MUD can be tricky for people who have never played a MUD game, or even players that have not MUD’ed in several years. Carrion Fields has teamed up with Mudlet to create our own User Interface for the Mudlet client. We highly recommend downloading the Mudlet client and using our interface to play Carrion Fields, but we are compatible with a broad variety of clients.

How to prepare for first use with Mudlet:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the Installer executable for your Operating System
  3. Run the installer. (Mudlet has an extremely easy hands-off installation process, and should get up and running without any fuss.)
  4. Select the Carrion Fields Profile from the left side of the Select a profile to connect with pop-up window.
  5. Click Connect in the bottom right of the window.

If you have done it right, you will see our iconic ASCII Skull and you will be asked, By what name do you wish to be mourned?

At this time, you will notice something installing, called CFGUI. Let the installer run as it is setting up the custom user interface we created. This will not happen every time you connect, only the first time or when an update is pushed out by the staff.

Alternatively, you can connect to the MUD from any client by connecting to on port 4449.

A Basic Overview of Character CreationTop

Now that you have made it to the login screen, its time to create your character. Below is some basic information about each option, and helpful notes where they apply:

  1. Name - The first choice. Be careful with what you set here as it will be the name of your character for its entire life.
    • While this is freeform, we have a few rules for names:
      • It must be an original name.
      • It cannot be a combination of two names (e.g. Maryjane).
      • It should not be found in an dictionary or as a common slang term in any language.
  2. Password - Set something you will remember because, if you lose it, you will lose your character!
  3. Are you new to Carrion fields? - Answering yes to this will not flag you as a newbie to other players and give you an additional tutorial, but it is helpful to the immortal staff. It is highly recommended to say yes for your first few characters.
  4. Race - We have many options for Races in Carrion Fields, each with its own unique stats. If you are not sure, we would suggest you check out the table on the Help Page.
  5. Sex - This one is pretty self-explanatory. Do you want to be female or male?
  6. Class - Much like the Race option, we have several classes, each is very different from the others. For new players we suggest Warrior, Assassin, or Ranger as some very friendly classes to learn the game.
  7. Stats - This one can be a little confusing, but this is the starting stats for your character. Check out the Helpfile for your race and it will give you information on the maximum stats for your race.
    • You can look up the maximum stats for the race you chose by searching for that race on the Official website. This will give you a reference to what you are rolling.
    • You cannot roll max stats here, so try to make sure you get big numbers in the stats that matter to you! You will be able to adjust your stats by using Training sessions and by wearing some gear once in game.
  8. Alignment - Are you an evil overlord? Or perhaps a guardian of the weak? Here you choose to be Evil, Neutral, or Good. Neutral or Good is normally recommended for a new player as the players in game will be more helpful.
    • A word of caution for those that choose Good: Killing a good NPC as a Good character can have very long lasting role play implications. These implications can vary based on Cabal choice, religion choice, etc, but it is almost always something that Good characters should avoid.
  9. Hometown - Depending on your alignment selection, you may have a varied list of options here. For new players, it is suggested to choose Galadon as it is the hub of activity in game and available for every character to start in.
    • There is a chance that Galadon can be full, meaning its not available to start in. If this is the case, Voralian City or Hamsah Mu'tazz would be the next best choices.
  10. Ethos - Do you follow the laws or a certain code in life? Or are you a Criminal, bound to break every law in the book? Your Ethos defines this. You can be Orderly, Neutral, or Chaotic.

Newbie Tips Top

Here are a few items to remember during your first character:

The Basics of Movement, Communication, and CombatTop

Most, if not all commands have helpfiles. For further details or syntax usage on the commands you read here, read their corresponding helpfile.

Navigation is done by entering a direction like: north, south, east, west, down, up. Sometimes you must open or unlock doors, or crawl in a direction. You can scan nearby rooms using the scan command followed by the direction you want to scan in.

Communication is done through say, whisper, yell, or tell. Groups can be spoken to with gtell (gt for short), and cabals through cb. If a tell has been sent to you, you can just reply with your message.

Use consider to figure out the strength of what you plan to fight. Look at them to see details about them. Then you can Murder, kill, or hit them to start combat.

Always be on the lookout for hidden doors by reading the room descriptions and when using the look and look all command in each direction.

Helpful links for first time playersTop

Here are a few helpful links for first time players:

Don't feel like this guide helped out enough? Check out our In-Depth Newbie Guide here!

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