Carrion Fields

Edge List

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Below are the various edges available to characters in Carrion Fields. Some are specific to races, some are specific to classes, and they have been organized here to help you find options that might be available to you.

This list is not necessarily the most up to date, and some edges may not be listed here, so please see the in game helpfiles or "discuss" with your guildmaster for a more exact list.

General Edges Top

Lucky Eyes in the Back of Your Head Strong Memory
Apt Learner Footwork Zombie Fighter
Deep Pockets Shadowed Soul Cover Up
Strong Back Remain Conscious Slippery Soul
Leader Shield Eyes Last Breath
Dragonslayer Battle Tested Unpredictable
Courageous Low Light Vision Wise Recovery
Combat Statistician Antihero Silent Sidestepper
Ehren Soul Transportation Sensitivity Seasoned Traveler
Twitchy Mana Sensitivity Intonation Adept
Overcome Distortion Possessive Thick Veined
Cheerful Shrewd Trader Shieldspinner
Stonehearted Quick Healer Footing
Humorless Ehren Lord Defensive Withdrawal
Mousy Evasive Mana Flood
Extra Training Fortitude of the Flesh Mana Drought
Strong Wrists Resistant Sight Prone Defense

Racial Edges Top

Woodsman Farmer
Hermit Fisherman
Nomad Urbanite
Swiftblade Shining Soul
Woodsman Barbarian Urbanite
Hermit Farmer Thinned Bloodlines
Nomad Fisherman Tainted Blood
Cave Fighter Nightcaster
Storm Giant
Stormborn Stormrage
Cloud Giant
Aerial Oppressor Violet Spider's Redemption
Fire Giant
Skydance Cursed Winds
Wingmaster Comprehend Avians
Growling Cry Tailcrippler
Magic's Scars Comprehend Felines
Marcher Courage of the Ale
Resist Arcane Strength of the Ale
Forgeborn Totally Sloshed
Refuse Eater Resist Arcane
Duergar Locksmith Nightcaster
Cave Fighter  
Loremaster Sage Defense
Enlightenment Gnomish Tactician
Cave Fighter Stonekin
Nightcaster Loremaster
Resist Arcane Earth's Flaws
Woodland Benefactor Nature's Child
Nature's Aegis Woodland Warrior
Natural Weapon Specialization  
Frost Giant
Arctic Training Sorcerous Frostblade
Boreal Regeneration  
Marcher Thunderhooves

Warrior Top

Dove of Spring Dawn Driving Charge Furious Whirlwind Axe Murderer
Hawk of Summer Afternoon Ambidextrous Disarmer Brutal Jab Entrail Anatomy
Eagle of Autumn Evening Swath of Destruction Commendable Cross Pincer Onslaught
Owl of Winter Night Crushing Pugil Commanding Cross Balanced Percussionist
Stone Shoulders Glanduin's Menace Memory of Llorenthos Deflecting Backhand
Iron Shoulders Nimble Rush Seven Winds of Hamsah Mu'tazz Painful Deflection
Big Target Focused Fury Speed Flurry Skullcrusher
Stunning Charge Repel Henchmen Swordsman's Recovery Splintering Shatter
Skiller Brawler Hunter's Glow Double Throw Brutal Stun
Shield Avoidance Martial Berserker Conservative Twister Counterpunch
Shield Brute Oceanic Warrior Parting Throw Versatile Pummeler
Relentless Assault Sightless Eye Reckless Twister Agile Sweep
Matador's Timing Brutal Bludgeon Reckoning of the Mongoose Unbalancing Leverage
Parry Anything Dual Strip Pikeman's Valor Weighted Leverage
Gift to the Departed Throttler Ambidextrous Sunderer  


Hidden Assets Truearm Backstab Thuggish Eviscerator
Swindler Swiftarm Backstab Helmet Clanger
Locksmith Strongarm Backstab Enduring Concoction
Bounty Hunter Pinpoint Aim Asphyxiating Toxins
Filcher's Eye Flank Finder Conserve Ingredients
Brutal Blackjack Disfigurer Smooth Manipulator
Vagabond Entrapping Circle Toxic Edge
Urban Agility Improvise Pick Blender of Purgatives
Devious Versatility Coinfilch Blender of Agitants
Arcane Literacy Highwayman Blender of Soporifics
Getaway Master Kidnapper Blender of Hallucinogens
Slippery Escape Shadow Flip Blender of Hypnotics
Read Lips Black Marketeer Tumbling Cutoff
Brutal Backstab Hustler Forceful Nick
Anklebiter Scout Training Sandman
Imbalancer Arcanewise Trapper Boogeyman
Disorienting Isolation Conserve Ingredients Tormenting Bully
Skullpunch Jeer Wary Disarmer
Needling the Haystack Knife in the Gut Duergar Locksmith
Concussion Expert Flash of the Blade Subterranean Stalker
Speardancer Made you Blink Two for Flinching


Inquisitor Zealot's Fervor Languor of Aeons
Gatherer of the Flock Crusader Empowered Enfeeblement
Blightcaller Diametric Opposition Sightbinder
Divine Contagion Wrath of the Waves Cursebringer
Divine Warmonger Power of Faith Hex Augur
Exalted Contagion Unyielding Adversary Positive Energy Burst
Voice of Condemnation Righteous Soul Purity of the Righteous
Wild Shaman Diabolical Soul Girded Shield
Sacred Word Zealot of the One Law Remedy Senses
Curse of Parching Spider's Grace Remedy Pestilence
Master of Affliction Claim of the Unfettered Remedy Toxins


Rouser Combat Medic Plaguetender
Blessed Sanctifier Fierce Bulwark Wandering Healer
Favored Sanctifier Diagnostician's Insight Trained Medic
Rapid Response Bonded Shield Reassuring Presence
Preacher Remedy Curses Certitude
Rock of Faith Good Shepherd Unfettered Movements
Devoted Cause Adept Satiation Reactive Movements
Awakened Spirit Divine Consciousness Dire Precognition
Shield of the Vulnerable Planeskipper Soul Fortress
Divine Purifier Evacuate Sanctum Violet Spider's Redemption
Guardian of the Flock Peacemaker Totally Sloshed


Adept of the Great Cycle Initiate of the Dark Moon Seed Spray
Beast Tamer Initiate of the Deserts Shards of Contagion
Beetles Shell Initiate of the Great Cycle Skin of the Redwoods
Comprehend Animals Lodestone Lightning Skyblessed
Crystal Drawer Massive Metamorph Skyrender
Deny Flesh Metal Antipathy Snake Charmer
Deny Wood Metalshaper Storm Master
Deny Bone Medicine Man Sunreaper
Deny Metal Moonblessed Sun Soaker
Drawer of Dawn Moonlight Charmed Swampdweller
Drawer of Twilight Oak of Balance Tullric Adept
Farhaven Oak of the Prime Verdant Lord
Forestwalker Oak Shaper Violet Spider's Redemption
Herbal Focus Oak's Wisdom Wild-Blessed Metamorph
Herbal Regeneration Power of Faith Wild Caller
Holder of the Eternal Flame Primordial Avenger Wild-Exalted Metamorph


Adept of Dimension Perfect Self Dimensional Vision
Master of Dimension Elastic Escape Buttressed Skeleton
Fleshmender Master of Leisure Tormentor
Bonemender Vivimancer's Precision Hollow Bones
Organmender Vivimancer's Rejection Stealthy Redimensioning
Amphibimancer Paralytic Opportunist Psyche Crush
Adrenamancer Reorganize Innards Diminisher
Resist Paralysis Metabolic Fortitude Fleshripper
Biomorphic Warmage Fleshtwister's Awareness Battlemage Training
Mastery of Self Bewildering Jolt Calmed Mind
Regenerator of Self Boundless Flight Arcane Scholar
Bliss of Isolation Grace Under Pressure  


Roll the Bones Fortitude of the Crab Ricochet Skin
Spin the Wheel Fortitude of the Rhino Potent Transformtion
Contorting Metamorphosis Fortitude of the Crocodile Deft Transformation
Healing Metamorphosis Extended Greater Enlivens Healthy Transformation
Enlivening Adept Abbreviated Greater Enlivens Lesser Form Ferocity
Master Enlivener Muscle Memory Lesser Form Hardening
Girded Metamorphosis Go for the Throat Flight of the Prey
Gestalt Metamorphosis Comprehend Avians Cooshee Form
Anthropomorph Comprehend Felines Pseudodragon Form
Veins of Venom Comprehend Animals Hook Horror Form
Eater of Plagues Tearing Jaws Cave Fisher Form
Survival of the Fittest Bloody Pecker Wingmorph

Necromancer Top

Master of Decay Black Duelist Scourge of the Sands
Zombie Lord Kindred touch Horrific
Spectral Adept Disorienting Disruption Empowered Enfeeblement
Golem Crafter Gravechill Penumbral Might
Undying Will Charnel Sanctum Spectral Master
Gravewalker Practical Vivisectionist Boneblade Affinity
Blasphemous Art Golem Guardian Defiler
Dreamthief Resistant Golem Battlemage Training
Nightmare's Chilling Call Zombie General Calmed Mind
Nightcaller Final Word Arcane Scholar
Subterranean Graverobber Skeletal Smith Subterranean Sorcerer
Death's Swift Wings Master Animator Hex Auger
Cryptborn Torturer Cursebringer
Sightbinder Master Embalmer  


Extra Affinity Demielemental Transcendence Mage of the Depths
Combat Elementalist Solipsistic Shielding Spiked Pits
Absolute Zero Rend Elements Hurricane
Earth Ward Elemental Abjuration Bend Air
Earth Push Earth Power Persistent Earthrain
Cloudmage Stonebreaker Desperate Unweaving
Wingwall Martial Invoker Civic Elementalist
Electrical Enchanter Needle Spray Natural Elementalst
Piercing Needles Arcing Bolt Elementalist of the Golden Grimoire
Wounding Needles Igniting Nova Mind Over Flame
Glacial Mind Scalding Geyser Fast Deshield
Concentrated Vitriol Chilling Geyser  


Sympathetic Conjuring Sword of the Heavens Indifference Affinity
Banisher Abyssal Adept Adept of Interdiction
Warrior Familiar Shield of the Heavens Skykin
Warded Familiar Infernal Adept Astral Doubleback
Student of the Inner Planes Favor of Imps Planar Courier
Adept of the Inner Planes Adept of Scrying Familiar Agility
Student of Air Master of Scrying Planar Abduction
Student of Water Student of Wards Chaotic Regeneration
Student of Earth Adept of Planar Rifts Underphase
Student of Fire Murderous Reputation Passive Interdiction
Student of Virtue Fiendish Affinity Precision Banishment
Student of Vice Celestial Affinity  


Ambush Focus Expert Herbalist Polar Wind
Apiarist Free Diver Quick Rebound
Barkskin of Feathery Willow Fortifying Paint Sargassum Onslaught
Barkskin of the Mighty Oak Ghost of the Dunes Sandcover
Barkskin of the Pine Sap Guardian Spirits Scout
Barkskin of the Shady Elm Grace of Home Snare Evaluator
Belly Rake Harvest Ironwood Soothing Demeanor
Comprehend Animals Herbalist Thundercall
Deft Harbinger of Talismanic Doom Lodestone Lightning Veil Ranger
Desperate Improvisation Mountaineer's Warcry Veteran Explorer
Diluting Sludge Muckmaster Versatile Explorer
Envenomed Arrows Persistent Filth Power Ambush
Deft Ambush    


Lyrical Adaptation Dancer Combat Showmanship
Bardic Temperance Change of Heart Perfect Pitch
Proficient Vocalist Chosen Voice Elven Romance
Proficient Instrumentalist Nature's Song Frightful Fiend
Tavern Brawler Troubadour Distortion Opportunist
Soothing Voice Swashbuckler Musician's Caress
Loremaster Daunting Presence Raucous Racket
Wandering Minstrel Feign Weakness Inspiration of Angels
Hidden Assets Feign Strength Insinuative Overture
Guarded Voice Erode Confidence Psychological Insight
Sounder of the Knell Languid Lullaby Glory Hound
Shattering Note Force of Personality Scrutiny
Windsong Alcohol Tolerance Killing Joke
Woodsong Habitual Drunk Warsinger
Shield of Words Daunting Dirgesinger Depths of Depression
Serenade Nocturne of Dread  


Poison Caltraps Master of Nage Waza Improvise Pick
Overt Malice Master of Ukemi Silent Strike
Kotegaeshi Adept Master of Kyusho-Jitsu Regeneratve Focus
Kansetsuwaza Adept Master of Nin Dogu Endure Paralysis
Ground Fighter Startling Strike Raion Buki (Lion Weapon)
Venomblade Killing Sword Orochi Buki (Serpent Weapon)
Smoke and Mirrors Killing Knife Kuma Buki (Bear Weapon
Tachitori Killing Hands Kage Buki (Shadow Weapon
Exploit Vulnerability Spy Network Zo Buki (Elephant Weapon)
Stalker's Eye Spy Master Koumori Buki (Bat Weapon)
Master of Atemi Waza Pinpoint Accuracy Sensei Buki (Master Weapon)
Master of Keri Waza Hand of the Phoenix Kyojin Buki (Giant Weapon)
Master of Uraken Master of the Garrotte Exploit Vitals
Killers Mark Thief of Breath Subterranean Stalker
Master of Owaza Speardancer  


Soulbind Synergy of Suffering Unrepentant Sinner
Steal Sight Power Cleave Black Paladin
Feast of Sorrows Siphoner Demonskin
Exploit Hobbling Harvester of Woe Soulrage
Merciless Ambidexterity Infernal Intimidator Fell Enchanter
Slasher Champion of Man Profane Synergy
Thunderbolt Vessel of the Pit Fiends Excisor of Pain
Vaulting Tactician Steal Inspiration Unholy Slavemaster
Morosa's Momentum Malefic Glow Controlling Grasp
Demanding Unholy Aura Malicious Intent
Mudslinger Doom the Forsaken Eye of the Butcher
Fearless Abandon Reap The Forsaken Firestarter
Spine of the Akragaka Flames of Perdition Hellfire
Tailcrippler Tainted Blood Catnap


Charity of the Pure Shield Flurry Bolt of Glory
Sealed Life Crippling Defense Fortified Faith
Burning Brimstone Martyr Mass Deliverance
Demonbane Divine the Tainted Shield Riposte
Vampire Hunter Banisher of the Taint Sense Malice
Angel Skin Rejuvenating Touch Crusader's Grip
Divine Might Faithful Seeker Mailed Templar
Share Life Bladed Barrier Templar's Aim
Divine Bodyguard Striking Shield Sacred Oils
Healing Touch Angel Flight Purified Mind
Inspiring Crusade Fury of the Righteous Faeburn
Shield Charge Blessed Fast  


Adept of Bloodletting Primal Terror Desecrated Hide
Master of Bloodletting Demon in the Woodpile Compact Frame
Savage Trapper Thick Skull Goadmaster
Bully's Heist Glutton Savage Cunning
Bully's Confidence Agile Coward Gravenap
Standard Bearer Lug Slippery Coward
Opportunistic Carnivore Bloodmage's Cunning Heavy Foot
Shieldbreaker Masochist's Endurance Superior Leverage
Lasher Backbreaker Vital Strikes
Flailing Fallback Grimwright Survival Istinct
Gifted Scavenger Opportunistic Bastard Pit Fighter
Will of the Slave Territorial Slaver
Brutalizer of the Handicapped Disease Carrier Furious


Fearsome Rider Gifted Scavenger Getaway
Goblin Sniper Undersight Slippery Escape
Goblin of Repute Demon in the Woodpile Brutal Backstab
Flailing Fallback Filcher's Eye Strongarm Backstab
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