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In-depth New Player (Newbie) Information

The purpose of this page is to provide some in-depth information for new players as they begin their journey through Thera. If you are a player that prefers to learn this on your own, DO NOT read this page. Otherwise, we hope this will help you survive just a tiny bit longer.

Contents of this page

  1. Thera - An Overview
  2. Character Statistics
  3. Roles in CF
  4. Religion
  5. Cabals
  6. Role Play Tips
  7. Player Killing (PK)
  8. CF Features
  9. Self Help

Thera - An OverviewTop

Welcome adventurer to the world of Thera, a vast land full of magic, warfare, and politics. While wandering about its terrain you will find oceans and mountains, swamps and deserts, cities and wildlands. You will meet a vast array of people from all walks of life who are traversing their own paths, but watch out! Their path may include striking you down or stealing all of your things. Interact with others and learn their tales, proclaim your desires to do good or evil, and bring low those who oppose your views! Welcome again, and by what name do YOU wish to be mourned?

To see the official history of Thera, head over to the Story of the Ages.

Character StatisticsTop

Character Statistics outline the basics of our adept your character is in several different categories. These Categories are Strength (str), Dexterity (dex), Intelligence (int), Wisdom (wis), Constitution (con), and Charisma (chr). These statistics then drive specific items for your character. Here are some of those specifics:

When you create your character you are forced to roll for stats. This roll will not give you max in every stat, but it is possible to get max in some of them depending on your race. Once in game, you can raise your stats through the gear you wear, and through Training points.

Roles in CFTop

Who are you? Why do you do the things you do? What motivates you, as an adventurer, to act the way you act? These are all questions that your role defines. Roles in CF are the story of your character, from birth to death, that explains the who, what, why of your character's being. Were you born into a royal family? If so, why are you adventuring now? Did a cult of mages burn down your village and now you hate magic? What are you going to do about it?

Roles are very freeform within Carrion Fields, however it does have its boundaries. Roles that are out there, like "I came from the MOON!", are generally frowned upon. It is always better to keep within the accepted scope of morality, geography, and culture of the world itself.

While entering a role is not mandatory for a character, it helps the immortal staff understand the character's motivations, and it helps you keep track of where the character has been and where it wants to go. Please take a look at HELP ROLE for more information on the role command and pertinent information about roles.


Religion in Thera is polytheistic by nature, with the staff running Immortal gods who empower mortals that follow them. Immortals mostly stay hands off, favoring to work indirectly through their followers rather than doing things on their own. Gaining the favor of a god can be demanding, but is not required in most cases. Those who follow religions can find themselves showered with rewards over the course of their life time, but only if you are acting in accordance with their teachings.

Certain classes in Carrion Fields benefit far greater by following a religion. HELP EMPOWERMENT is a great place to begin learning about these benefits for the communer classes, namely Paladins, Healers, Druids, and Shamans. Communer classes are not recomended as a first character for those who would not consider themselves as experienced Role Players as the Empowerment process can be demanding of your role play.

Each immortal has a special shrine area hidden in the game, and searching the immortal's name with the help command can reveal a hint to its location. Further discussion in game with other characters may help as well!

Check out the Religions Chart on the Help page for specific information about active religions.


Cabals are havens for like-minded characters. Imagine several different cabals all warring with one another in a Capture the Flag style.

Role Play TipsTop

Below are some tips on how to find people to RP with and how to get that conversation started!

Player Killing (PK)Top

Player Killing, or PK for short, is the PVP of CF. PK can happen in many ways for many reasons. Winning in PK can be put in two basic styles, either you command lock your enemy via lagging moves, or you out damage them in combat. Below are some facts about PK:

CF FeaturesTop

This sections covers items that are good to know, and may be unique to Carrion Fields as compared to other MUDs.

Self HelpTop

Carrion Fields has historically been proud of the Dark Souls of MUDs title we have been given, but that does not mean that you cannot find help when searching for it. Below are the best ways to get help when questions arise.

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